LED Lit Instagram Food Selfie Stages

I was commissioned to make some Instagram selfie stages for a new local ice cream parlour.  They wanted a place for people to be able to take well-lit pictures of their ice cream cones and desserts.


We tried to find an easy large texture to put in the pink box, but the difficulty of applying it and still making it easy to clean up ice cream drips made us stick with the plain pink.  The grey marble is just stick on shelf paper.

A good friend with a Cricut made the logos for me and they were simple to stick on.  I’ll be calling her for that sort of thing more now that I know how easy it makes graphics.

It was my first time working with LED strip lighting, and I learned a few things, like:  They don’t like being twisted.  Making flat 90 angles is difficult, and you can only insert 90 degree connectors every 4 inches, so doing that in a 15″ wide box is tough.

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