Star Wars: Tango Squad – A Free 4 Hour Star Wars RPG Adventure

I just finished formatting my convention adventure “Star Wars: Tango Squad”.

It’s a one-shot adventure for up to 5 players.  Pre-generated characters are included.  Originally designed for WEG D6 Star Wars, the adventure is very, very system agnostic, so it could very easily be used as a module for Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars RPG, or even a non-Star Wars sci-fi game like Traveller or Stars Without Number.

Here’s the teaser text that I use to advertise the adventure at conventions:

What happens when Star Wars meets Ocean’s Eleven?  

Star Wars–Tango Squad is a beginner-friendly role-playing game using a simplified rule system that can be explained in 3 minutes.

Join the Rebels on a mission to steal critical data from an underwater Casino full of Imperial troops.

Action! Adventure! Tension!

Delicate teetering over bottomless pits! Bickering with teammates over inconsequential details!

No role-play experience required. No Star Wars knowledge required.

Desire to do cool stuff and laugh a lot required.

Experienced role-players welcome!


It’s free, because so much of material that I’ve used over the years has been freely provided by generous GMs and I want to contribute to that community.



I formatted the adventure PDF using the easy and awesome Homebrewery.


2 thoughts on “Star Wars: Tango Squad – A Free 4 Hour Star Wars RPG Adventure

  • August 3, 2020 at 9:21 pm

    Hey Kirby, love the scenario! I’m currently writing my own Post-Apocalyptic Star Wars campaign (sandbox style), and drawing a lot from movies with classic themes like this (train heists, prison breaks, para-military ops, covert sabotage, underworld intrigues…) so thanks for the inspiration!
    The hotel drawing on p.19 looks familiar and wondering if you’ve got a source reference? One of my plot seeds is a sabotage mission set in the harbour of a city like Monte Carlo and I’m planning a similar location for one of the scenes.
    Cheers & stay safe

    Gerald (Melbourne, Australia)

  • August 18, 2020 at 3:23 am

    Awesome! I am glad to have found your site.


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