Board Game Instruction Cheat Sheets

I work with the demo team for  JimCon, a local board game convention, so I spend a lot of time teaching people board games.  We set up gaming areas at other culture and game conventions in the city and give people a chance to rest their feet and play some board games.

Often the people I teach are new to board games, so I try to spend as much time as I can talking them through the game.  Sometimes I have a few tables of beginners going at once, so I wanted a way to lay out a simple “cheat sheet” of the steps involved in a turn and some basic reminders for each game.

I found these great little stands at IKEA:  the TOLSBY frame.  IKEA Canada link  IKEA USA link

They are only $1.50 each (!), and they hold a 10cm x 15cm piece of paper (roughly 4×6 inches) between two thin pieces of plexiglass.  Perfect for a cheat sheet!  We call them “Standees”.

We even use them when we play games ourselves now.  Very handy for keeping track of what actions can be taken on a turn and that sort of thing.

The PDF files are all located in this GeekList on BoardGameGeek.

So far there are rules summary sheets for: Cash n Guns, Cave Troll, Celestia, Dixit, Guillotine, Hansa, Hey Thats My Fish, King of Tokyo, Loot, Machi Koro, RoboRally, Survive Atlantis, Survive Atlantis Expansions, The Game, Ticket to Ride, Tsuro, Welcome to the Dungeon and Zooloretto.

The photoshop template for making your own standees is saved here.

I’ve released all of these as public domain, go nuts and remix your own.  Please send me a copy if you make one.

If you really feel up to it, please credit “Kirby Gehman” and link to

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